Aerial photography

We can plan and use our Cessna aircrafts to conduct vertical or oblique aerial survey photography, including the selection and measurement of control points. We are able to offer aerial photography not only in the standard RGB and NIR (CIR) bands, but can also take thermal and hyperspectral images, from piloted carriers as well as from UAV.

Laser Scanning

We can plan and use our own equipment for aerial and terrestrial laser scanning, including scanning from mobile mapping facilities. We are able to correctly place laser point clouds in the geospace and prepare them for further processing (e.g. 3D mapping), or do the mapping for you ourselves.


Not only will we take aerial photographs for you, we will also ensure they are correctly placed in geospace using aerotriangulation. We apply the very latest methods using automatic correlation of pass- and tiepoints, using image projection centres determined by GNSS/INS or auto-calibration of the cameras’ iterior orientation parameters during the process of bundle adjustment.

Photogrammetric Mapping

We can provide you with 2D and 3D mapping using conventional mono- or stereoscopic photogrammetric methods from aerial and terrestrial images. We are able to arrange cartographic outputs in various formats and standards. We ensure topological data purity and the linking of database attributes to mapped elements as a matter of course.


We are able to supply you with a DTM (digital terrain model) and DSM (digital surface model) from the classic photogrammetric restitution of aerial photographs as well as from the classified aerial laser scanning point clouds.

3D modelling

We are able to offer 3D modelling of buildings using a wide variety of data sources, from large territorial units using data acquired from aircraft, to smaller territorial or technological units using data acquired from ground facilities.


We can compile orthophotomaps in precisely the resolution and quality you need, not only in the RGB and CIR bands, but we can also, for example, create orthophotomaps from historical or thermal images.

Scanning archival images

We own three Vexcel UltraScan 5000 photogrammetric scanners and scan thousands of archival aerial photographs every year. We are able to scan negatives, slides and contact paper copies of aerial photographs, either individually cut or from rolls, up to 30 x 30 cm format.

GIS aplication

We are able to visualize, analyse and interpret data to give you a clear understanding of how they are interrelated or their trends. We can produce raster and vector documents for your GIS systems. We have experience of digitising thousands of square kilometres and work with 3D data is standard for us.

Project management and QC

We are ready to offer professional project management and quality control in all the areas we cover. We will ensure that the funds you invest in your projects yielded the desired results in the required form and quality.